06 September 2008

Video Meet Ricardo Quaresma 'os incriveis' his shoes, trivela, car, tatoos

During the Euro 2008, SIC tv aired "Os Incriveis" Conheça os ídolos da Selecção Nacional no dia-a-dia! (Meet the idols of the national team in their day-to-day life). You get to see a little of the private life of the players.

Now with Quaresma wearing the #77 Inter jersey, get to know a little bit more about him in this video interview.
Hear from the man himself speak in Portuguese in a relaxed environment, his home. (The last video in this post has English subtitles ;-) ).

Quaresma shows you his astonishing collection of tennis shoes, yes, tennis shoes, in different colors. Most are Adidas. Then in his backyard, wearing jeans, he'll show some dribbling tricks. Since he's fascinated with jewelry, also shows some of his earrings, R7.

See his cars he called "meninos" (babies/ children). You see trophies, posters. Trophies when he was in the youth academy.

In minute 5: the interviewer continues the interview at his pool.

Portugal player Quaresma and tatoos: You see Quaresma getting a tan, explaining his tatoos, even the tatoo on his calf. On his left arm, names of his brothers, dad.

On his right arm, name of his mom Fernanda. In the back of his neck, 2 eyes, Samurai.

Here you see him play table soccer/ foosball with the interviewer.

In the 40th second, they're back in the yard, he's asked to explain and demonstrate how he does his famous trivela.

This was interesting he says he scored once with a trivela in a training session. The coach told him he didn't want him to score like that. Then, the interviewer begins to do "trivelas simples."

Here's one of my favorite parts because he talks about his mom. One of my favorite songs by Sinatra is My Way. This time the background music is MY Way by the Gypsy Kings. Quaresma has gypsy blood in him.

He's asked "Who's the person who knows you the best, your mom?"

Quaresma answers "My mom and my brother. My mom sees when I'm sad or happy. I can't hide anything from her. When I'm sad I don't like to tell her I'm sad so to not make her worry. But she asks why are you sad?..." Then he talks about dealing with lies about him.

In the 7th minute, back to the yard. Even Quaresma jokingly says in Portuguese "I'm tired of explaining it, I hope this is the last time."

When I saw the video, it was fun to see Quaresma laugh almost every time he finished a sentence. In the end see some funny outtakes.

See the first part In Portuguese with English subtitles:



Thanks for visiting, seeing the photos and videos here. This is the last post. I won't be able to update this blog 'A Futebol Fan' anymore. Hopefully I got you interested a little bit more on the Portugal national team. It was fun to upload photos of players, videos, and reply to your comments.

You're welcome to keep in touch by email, button on the top left, next to the 'home' button. It was fun to write a blog about one of my favorite topics, the Portugal team and Ferreira and Carvalho from May 11 to September 7, 2008. Popular search in August: "eusebio cup, benfica inter." Last week google searches that arrived here were mainly "Danny Portugal, Danny Zenith" "Quaresma Inter, Quaresma 77."

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Special thanks to frequent commenters:

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-What did you like about the interviews? Yard, pool, car, tennis shoes, trophies, him...?

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