01 September 2008

Sept 1, 2008- Ricardo Quaresma at Inter, will wear # 77 jersey, contract 2013- Video arriving Linate airport, Sept 2 Quaresma in press conference

I'm so excited to see Quaresma at Inter, in the Italian soccer serie A. This will be great. Now who's place will he take Mancini's or Figo's??

I want to see him in the Milan derby Inter v. AC Milan and AC Milan v. Inter and score his famous trivela goal!

Boa sorte Quaresma!!!!

--On RTP (Portuguese) video: Sept 1, 2008- Ricardo Quaresma já está em Itália e vai mesmo jogar no Inter de Milão. O Porto já comunicou a transferência à Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários. Foi vendido por dezoito milhões e seiscentos mil euros... e em troca o Porto recebe Pelé.

--- On the Inter official website inter.it Italian announcement:

Mercato: ufficiale, Quaresma è dell'Inter
Lunedì, 01 Settembre 2008 18:09:03

MILANO - Ricardo Andrade Quaresma Bernardo è dell'Inter. Arrivato a Milano domenica sera, il campione portoghese (25 anni il 26 settembre) nella giornata di oggi è stato sottoposto ai rituali controlli medici e ha poi siglato il contratto che lo legherà alla Società fino al 30 giugno 2013. Nella sede di Palazzo Durini, per la conclusione burocratica dell'operazione (terminata nel pomeriggio), Quaresma -

accompagnato dai suoi manager - ha incontrato il vice presidente Rinaldo Ghelfi, il direttore tecnico Marco Branca, il consulente di mercato Gabriele Oriali e il vice direttore generale Stefano Filucchi.

Presente all'incontro Josè Mourinho che, appena rientrato in Italia dopo aver visionato ad Atene il Panathinaikos, prossimo avversario dell'Inter nella Uefa Champions League, ha voluto dare il benvenuto al neo nerazzurro.

Quaresma è stato acquistato da F.C. Internazionale a titolo definitivo: arriva dal Porto, al quale - con la stessa formula - è stato ceduto il centrocampista Gomes Passos Vitor Hugo "Pelè".

Ricardo Quaresma, che avrà la maglia nerazzurra numero 77, sarà presentato alla stampa domani, al centro sportivo 'Angelo Moratti' di Appiano Gentile, alle ore 12.30 (ingresso giornalisti, fotografi e operatori televisivi a partire dalle ore 12.15).

English announcement on inter.it------
Quaresma completes Inter switch
Monday, 01 September
2008 18:17:14
MILAN - Inter have completing the signing of Ricardo Andrade Quaresma Bernardo from Porto, with Gomes Passos Vitor Hugo Pelé going the other way.

The Portuguese winger, 25 years old on 26 September, passed a medical before inking a five-year contract which will run until 30 June 2013.
Accompanied by his agents to Inter's headquarters, Quaresma met Inter vice president Rinaldo Ghelfi, technical director Marco Branca, transfer consultant Gabriele Oriali and vice general manager Stefano Filucchi.
José Mourinho, back in Milan after watching Inter's Champions League opponents Panathinaikos in action at the weekend, was at Palazzo Durini to welcome the new signing.

Quaresma, who will wear the number 77 shirt, will be introduced to the press at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in Appiano Gentile on Tuesday at 12:30 (press entry at 12:15).

Quaresma arriving in Milan, Italy, Sept 1, 2008
---On Italian TV, "Contro Campo" soccer show, Quaresma arriving at Linate airport:

Milano, Italy, Sept 1 2008- Video of Ricardo Quaresma arriving at Milan's Linate airport. Narration in Italian from TV show "ControCampo".

Quaresma being presented with #77 Inter jersey, Sept 2, 2008

Sept 2, 2008- 1min37 Video of RTP (Portuguese TV)"Ricardo Quaresma: Foi hoje apresentado no Inter de Milao" See him presented with the Inter jersey #77. Despite not playing in the last 2 months, Quaresma said in Portuguese

"I feel very good physically, psychologically even better and ready to play."

Ricardo Quaresma and Jose Mourinho at press conference of Inter, Sept 2, 2008

Sept 2, 2008- Video Ricardo Quaresma's 1st press conference with Inter in Portuguese, dubbed in Italian.

Inter Milan TicketsSept 2, 2008- Video of FC Inter Press conference with Ricardo Quaresma and Jose Mourinho. Quaresma said in Portuguese, English translation:
"I'm very happy to get here at Inter. The first sensation is very beautiful. I'm sure I got to a club with big players. Now I have to work immediately and fit in with the team as soon as possible. And, help the team achieve its objectives.

I think that we can play against any other team. in Italy tehre are great players. We can face Milan like we can face another team. I feel ready and ready to play with any opponent. I think any player wants to improve his contract. It's obvious that having cost a lot it's a responsiblity. But responsibilty doesn't scare me. I faced other responsibilities before."

01:19- Jose Mourinho said in Italian, English translation:
"Our team is now balanced. With options for players in different roles and tactics. I have everything at my disposal. It's a pity that a winning player like him, that in this moment has 4, 6,9, 10 titles couldn't arrive 10 days ago and win the Supercup, because he could have had 11. I think that in the end of the season, he could have more [titles]. A player young like him. Where can he play? on the right, left, 4-4-2, 4-3-3. He can play on the bench, he can play in the

At his moment I have to thank the work of the club, president Marco. Both of them I think have to go on vacation tomorrow. He's the only player who scored against a team of mine, that after that I buy him and want him. This is a miracle. Everyone has to know that if you score against me, you won't play in my team. Good! (Va Bene?). "

I liked Mourinho's last line. That was funny. He was referring to Quaresma scoring agazinst Chelsea in STAMFORD BRIDGE in the Champions League! Bringing the score to 1-0. It was:

Aggregate 3-2
Chelsea 2-1 FC Porto
First Knockout round, Stamford Brige, London, March 6, 2007
48' Robben 15' Quaresma
79' Ballack

Video of Trivela goals (his trademark) by Ricardo Quaresma

Lastly, for those who don't understand what all the brouhaha/ fuss is all about yet, or haven't seen Quaresma play at FC Porto or in the Portugal team, here's a video compilation of Quaresma shooting and scoring with the outside of the foot, in Portuguese: "trivela" literally 3 fingers, Watch and enjoy!

Video- Ricardo Quaresma trivela goal compilation.

Video Quaresma trivela goal (the 4th goal in Portugal 4-0 Belgium, Qualifying round - 24 March 2007 (21:00 local time) José Alvalade stadium - Lisbon

- This news was not surprising. What do you think of Quaresma at Inter for 2008-2009? Seen him play in FC Porto or Portugal games? Who's "winger position"/ ala will Mourinho put him in, Figo or Mancini's?

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