07 November 2010

2010 Portugal soccer team video in the changing room

Video of Nike campaign Write the Future in Portuguese "Escreve of Future" 2010-

The Portugal team players walking in the changing room to change into their green training soccer kits. The camera does gravitate toward Cristiano Ronaldo but it's still possible to see the other players!

PLayers wearing the light blue Nike polo with the Nike swoosh on the right and FPF logo on the right. To change for the training session:

00:05 Miguel Veloso
00:06 Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani
00:08 goalkeeper Beto

00:12 Bruno Alves, Simao Sabrosa

The team back in the changing room for the huddle "Portugal, Portugal"

One can see Ricardo Carvalho putting on a jersey, Fabio Coentrao at the bottom of the screen, goalkeeper Daniel Fernandes near the top of the screen.

01:05 The subs with the blue shirt, near goalkeeper Eduardo is Paulo Ferreira.
00:10 Midfielder Danny

ABout to step on the field for the game:

01:06 goalkeeper Eduardo
01:10 Miguel Veloso
01:22 Cristiano Ronaldo grabbing what looks like an electrolyte-sports drink from a staff member. As a runner, I know how quickly one recovers and stays mentally alert after drinking a bottle of those. I like Powerades. Wonder which brand it was and what flavor he chose.

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