28 August 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo 2008 UEFA Player of the Year August 28, 2008

This morning I saw the UEFA draw on TV to see who would win the UEFA Player of the year. After an hour, Zinedine Zidane was on stage to present the winner, it was Cristiano Ronaldo!

Michel Platini presented Cristiano Ronaldo with the award. The host Pinto asked Cristiano Ronaldo, "Congratulations. What does it mean to be among other winners such as Zinedine Zidane?" Ronaldo said,

"Well it's a pleasure to be part of these magnificent players and to win this award. Well, it's great for me. I feel very proud to win this, you know, because Champions League, I think, is one of the best level. To be the best, it's great. Thank you everyone, my teammates, the players. I feel very happy. Thank you."

Past winners of the 2008 UEFA Player of the Year
1997/1998 – Ronaldo (Inter de Milão)
1998/1999 – David Beckham (Manchester United)
1999/2000 – Fernando Redondo (Real Madrid)
2000/2001 – Effenberg (Bayern)
2001/2002 – Zidane (Real Madrid)
2002/2003 – Buffon (Juventus)

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2003/2004 – Deco (FC Porto)
2004/2005 – Gerrard (Liverpool)
2005/2006 – Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Barcelona)
2006/2007 – Kaká (Milan)

Monaco, August 28, 2008- 2008 UEFA winners John Terry (Best Defender) Cristiano Ronaldo (Best Forward AND UEFA Player of the Year), Frank Lampard (Best Midfielder) and Petr Cech (Best goalkeeper).

Three Chelsea players won the individual categories. Eusebio announced the Best Forward award, and presented the award to Cristiano Ronaldo.

- Your thoughts on the past winners? Cristiano Ronaldo winning!

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