01 October 2008

Parody of Ricardo Quaresma's 'os incriveis' video interview. Do you think the actor sounds just like Quaresma?

Good morning, I'll update this blog once in a while.

Have you seen the Ricardo Quaresma 'os incriveis (the incredibles)' video interview? I saw it about 40 times. I ran across the parody of the 'os incriveis' show called 'os inacreditaveis (the unbelievables)' with an actor impersonating Quaresma, his voice, the tennis shoes, his posture.

The resemblance is uncanny. The voice sounds just like him. He even says a few lines form the interview that Quaresma said.

For example, in the beginning he says 'Incrivel, talking about me.' He shows his mom's name tatooed on his right arm, a dozen pair of tennis shoes, and him wearing the black and white addidas shoes.

The 'My Way' song sung by the Gypsy Kings is also the background music. Original interview: Quaresma is at home This parody: At the beach

English translation:
Reporter- 'Now that the Euro 2008 is over, it's time for a holiday. Quaresma, who made me the favor of being my friend shows us his favorite beach.'

Actor - 'Incredible, are you talking about me? Welcome! My beach, the sand, see the beach. I come here with my friends. Welcome to my world.'

Reporter - The beach is important for you right, my friend?
Actor - 'I always like to go to the beach. A type of aquarium. You're getting my tennis shoes dirty with all this walking. This is where I store my tennis shoes, in the shade. These are the ones I'm going to wear today, probably at one or two in the morning.'

01:44 Reporter - Why a melon?
Actor - Everyone knows I'm a gypsy.

02:00 Reporter - What's the beach to you, my friend?
Actor - The beach is family.

Reporter - I noticed that family is important to you.
Actor - Yes. I have my mom's name tatooed on my arm. I also have her face and my brother's tatooed on my knees. I'm very prooud of them.

Reporter - 'I don't like melon
Actor - How can someone not like melon?'

Actor - 'Want me to teach you how to do a 'trivela'? I'll show you. It's not easy because I was born with crooked feet.'

-- Watch it and tell me if it sounds just like Ricardo Quaresma.

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