10 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes, Ricardo Carvalho, Rui Patricio, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Ferreira in Portugal's training session, Neuchatel during Euro 2008

Video Portugal first training at the Maladiere stadium in Neuchatel

(A selecção nacional realizou o seu primeiro treino no estádio La Maladière em Neuchâtel. Os jogadores correram com bola e fizeram exercícios defensivos sobre orientação de Flávio Murtosa e Filipe Scolari.)

Orange vests against yellow vests game.

00:01 Ricardo Carvalho wearing red boots and yellow training vest.
00:19 Tallest player is Rui Patricio. Green training kit with yellow vest.

00:27 Paulo Ferreira running to the right

00:29 Cristiano Ronaldo wearing green boots.
00:35 Miguel Veloso's back toward the camera wearing a orange vest

The camera begins to only film Cristiano Ronaldo and the players become a blur.

00:48 Cristiano Ronaldo several touches with the ball without the ball touching the ground.

01:14 Scolari in gray. You can hear him say "Olha!"

01:21 Benfica left-back Jorge Ribeiro.

01:24 Group of 3 players passing the ball

João Moutinho, Nuno Gomes with yellow training vest, and goalkeeper Quim. Nuno Gomes passes the ball to Quim and Quim stops it with his chest but falls to the ground.

Simão, (red boots) catches the ball and laughs next to Raul Meireles. All begin to point at Nuno Gomes.

01:47 Back to Cristiano Ronaldo shooting the ball.

Players on mat stretching
02:10 Simão with red boots talking to Miguel (with orange vest, back toward the camera)

02:22 Scolari kicking the ball. Nuno Gomes and Meireles doing abdominal exercises.

02:30 Group of 4 Players in a circle passing the ball
Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Deco and Petit.

02:50 Flavio Murtosa shooting the ball to make 4 defenders practice headers

Bruno Alves, Fernando Meira, and Miguel Veloso (originally a central defender but prefers to play in the midfield not stuck in position). Jorge Ribeiro runs around them to head the ball. Bruno Alves and Meira pass the ball to each other.

03:25 Scolari supervising the players on the mat stretching.

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