10 March 2009

Video João Moutinho goal against Bayern Munich, March 10, 2009

As a Sporting fan, I thought Moutinho's goal was fantastic. It brought the scoreboard to Bayern Munich 3-1 Sporting.

My celebration didn't last long because less than a minute later Bayern Munich scored the 4-1.

Video: João Moutinho goal from outside the area -Golo- against Bayern Munich, 42nd minute.

It was a cross from the right side by Pedro Silva, striker Yannick stops the ball with his feet. Yannick then passes back to Moutinho who's running toward the middle.

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Moutinho shoots with his right foot to the top left corner. Goalkeeper Butt couldn't have reached it. golaço! Moutinho turned away from the net and stayed serious.

He didn't even celebrate probably thinking of the aggregate result at the time-- 8-1.

(42' - Golo do SPORTING João Moutinho.
Num lance de Pedro Silva, no lado direito, Yannick amorteceu para o capitão que, bem de longe, colocou a bola no ângulo superior esquerdo da baliza alemã. Um golaço, sem hipóteses para Butt. )

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