14 March 2009

Video Portugal goalkeeper Ricardo with the matchball England - Portugal in dressing room after winning the penalty shootouts, 2006 world cup

In this video, there's goalkeeper Ricardo with the matchball of England - Portugal in the 2006 world Cup. In the last 2 minutes of the video, there's an interview of him. He's asked his secret to saving penalties. It's from "SIC Geração Scolari - Clube Portugal."

Two years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo still needed to conquer what he has now. Portugal England had to arrive at the world-cup level.

05:23 A song in the background and no narration. It looks like the footage of right after the Portugal-England game. Ricardo is wearing the gray jersey. Notice the 2006worldcup logo on his right sleeve. He's celebrating with Helder Postiga. Postiga is shirtless.

05:41 The team in the dressing room. Goalkeeper Ricardo proudly showing the match ball to the camera! It says England - Portugal!

05:51- Ricardo guarded the ball with his life in the video.

Reporter: He doesn't say what side he'll lean before the striker shoots. "So you're waiting, shoot, shoot. (chuta)"

6:23 Ricardo: laughs-
"No, it's hard, you need training, it's not easy, you're there---- Sometimes you [the striker] can do an unexpected movement, throw the game and score. At this level all the players are trained.

One just needs to look for something like, an arm, a leg so you can catch that and then counterattack. You have to find---it's not always possible. Now it's as if every penalty taken, it's well taken unless. That moment, that point, that's what we study. Then we look at the leg most of their weight is, then decide which side to throw oneself to."

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