14 March 2009

Video goalkeeper Ricardo with matchball EngPor, Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal training camp after beating England, 2006 World Cup, with screenshots

It was during the World Cup 2006. Mostly images and little talk so I included screenshots of the video. It feels like one happened to walk in the team camp.

01:15 Beating England in the penalty shootout.

Watching on the screen, the Portugal team celebrate on the soccer pitch, after winning in the penalty shootout against England.

Goalkeeper Ricardo watching. Then, wearing the light blue kit on a corner praying. Ricardo Carvalho wearing the Portugal uniform also.

Narrator: "Faith, it starts in the net and then it spreads. Faith and soul, like the ball, moves a whole country. In a group, always in a group.

The dressing room and players walking out. Deco getting something from the fridge. Ricardo Carvalho leaving.

All this time there's music in the background and no explanation of what's going on.

01:51- Celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday in the camp

The Portugal players with their green polo shirts, singing 'happy birthday' in Portuguese to Cristiano Ronaldo. A cake is brought out with candles 'firework' style. Maniche is sitted next to CR7.

Some players wearing the red polo shirt.


03:14 Narrator: The secrets that faith doesn't control has a name. The name of each one of the players.

Players in the room for the lecture by Scolari about the game.

03:57 Everyone is wearing a green polo shirt. In the front row there is Figo, to his left goalkeeper Ricardo. In the back, Paulo Ferreira.

The last 2 minutes is an interview with goalkeeper Ricardo. I put it on this post.

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