08 February 2009

Video Ricardo Quaresma explains his tattoos on 'Os Incriveis' with screenshots (as tatuagens de Ricardo Quaresma)

May 26 2008 - Ricardo Quaresma explains in Portuguese each of his tatoos in this "Os Incriveis" video interview. The section about the tatoos (as tatuagens) begins in minute 13. 

Screenshots of Ricardo Quaresma's tattoos:

A tattoo on each arm and leg and on his back. My favorite is the one on Quaresma's right leg.

Riquardo Quaresma's tatto on his left leg - a picture of his mom.

Quaresma's left shoulder. Quaresma: "The savior. I don't go to mass but I do have my faith."

Quaresma's right leg. "This is the first tattoo I got. It doesn't have much meaning."

Quaresma's left arm. Angels.

Quaresma's back. 2 eyes. Quaresma: "I gave a picture to the tattoo guy and he copied it from there."

Quaresma's right arm. The name Fernanda, his mom.

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