01 November 2008

Photo Cristiano Ronaldo voted FIFpro player of the year 2008. Cristiano Ronaldo, Video of interview in English (October 2008)

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008- Cristiano Ronaldo showing the FIFPro award before the game against West Ham. Kaká won it in 2007. Photo: REUTERS

Cristiano Ronaldo, Video of interview in English (October 2008)

CR7- "I feel very proud. It's an honor for me. I have to send a message to my teammates, and to all the players who voted for me. I have to say thank you. I think the lads did a good vote. Well, thank you everyone"

Question- Does it make it more special, all the players who said you're number one?

CR7- "It's special. It's very special. Its a different award. The players have a different opinion than the fans the other people. For me it's an honor to receive this award from my partners, from my colleagues, and the other teams. For me it's amazing."

00:51- Question- "When you came to Manchester United, I remember you saying the number 7 is a big number. Do you feel as though now you're worthy of wearing the number 7 shirt?

CR7- "Well I'm already in the club since I was 18 years old. I said to my boss to give me the 28. He said no, seven I think will be good. I start to play, some people start to see in television, in Manchester United TV, who played with this team. I start to understand who biggest number. For me it's an honor to play with this shirt.

01:34 Question- The final question. Your dream is wearing number 7 in Machester United. Nowhere else.

CR7- "My dream. Well, it's to win the Champions League game and to win more individual awards. It's my dream for the moment."

Your thoughts on his statements?

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