14 March 2009

Video Simão Sabrosa, Nuno Gomes in gym, Miguel, Jorge Andrade, Miguel in Portugal training camp 2006 world cup

I loved watching the casual atmosphere of the players at the team hotel. They joke among each other. My favorite part was Simao and Nuno Gomes doing chest presses. This video is from the 2006 world cup, show called "SIC Geração Scolari - Clube Portugal."


01:48 Jorge Andrade interviewing Miguel, holding a shoe as a microphone. Says in Portuguese "Miguel gets into the area, and scores gooool." Miguel laughs.

Both are wearing the green Portugal polo shirt. Jorge Andrade has his jersey on the lap.

02:04 Miguel, wearing a green Portugal polo shirt, shows us where he's staying, his room. "This is my suite."

Narrator: "The hours and minutes are counted and organized. One can witness the time for calmness and for leisure."

In the gym.

Jorge Andrade on a bycicle.
02:40 Simão working out in the chest press machine without his shirt. See the tatoo on his left shoulder.

02:51 Nuno Gomes working out in the chest press machine with the green Portugal shirt.

04:09 Players in the team bus, seeing the fans outside.
Goalkeeper Ricardo and Nuno Gomes.

Paulo Ferreira. Looks like him, he's looking away from the camera outside the window to the fans.

05:38 On the airplane:
Ricardo Carvalho with green jacket.
Cristiano Ronaldo with the pilots.

The team on the team bus heading to a hotel. The players wearing green jackets getting off the bus and entering the hotel with their carry on-luggage. Nani, Bruno Alves walking toward the eating hall.

Ricardo Carvalho, Pauleta serving themselves from the banquet table.

See the video:

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