05 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes, Simao Sabrosa in a comedy sketch on Gato Fedorento

May 28, 2007- Video "Soccer game with Simao and Nuno Gomes" (Jogo de Futebol, Simão e Nuno Gomes)

When I first saw this was on youtube I didn't see the names Nuno Gomes and Simao. When they appeared near the 30th second, I was surprised to see them. They appear toward the end again.

English translation:

00:00 The 4 comics huddled giving their pre-game pep talk: "We're going to do what we do in training, that is? To Win! To Win! We're going to Win!" They're wearing white socks and black jerseys.

00:18 "They're about to see who's who. So you guys ready to play, huh?" Looking at Simao and Nuno Gomes wearing the Benfica training kits.

00:32 "They think they can beat us? We're going to show you who rules here! Come on people! Let's go, Come on!"

00:44 One of the comics in goal, watching the ball go past him. One sees shots on goal but the comic can't stop the ball. He calls the other comic to stand next to him and help him.

01:38 The 2 comics in goal call the other 2 comics who are sitting on the bench.

One finally sees Nuno Gomes and Simao until the 2nd minute.

Screenshots of the video:

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