04 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes sent off after dangerous foul on João Moutinho, Sporting 0-2 Benfica December 1, 2006

December 1, 2006, Matchday 12, season 2006-07 Sporting 0-2 Benfica

Nuno Gomes committed a dangerous foul from behind on João Moutinho and therefore a straight red card.

Many fans wanted Nuno Gomes suspended for at least a month after this foul. Of course that didn't happen because it was Nuno Gomes. Got less than 3 games suspension.

00:23 See Sporting goalkeeper Ricardo calming down Nuno Gomes making sure he doesn't respond to the provocations of Sporting defender Tonel. Tonel went to the referee to make sure Nuno Gomes got booked. He was behind Nuno Gomes so he had seen the foul.

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