21 March 2009

Ricardo Quaresma deserves to be in the call-up list for the next 2 Portugal games?

I was surprised Ricardo Quaresma didn't make it to the call-up list this time. What's the excuse now? Since July he wasn't called up by Queiroz because he wasn't playing during the transfer market Porto-Inter. Playing regularly but not good enough at Inter.

Was involved in one of the goals in Coventry 0-2 Chelsea, March 7, 2009. See pictures of Quaresma in that game here. He played on the right side making runs to the area. He was accurate in some crosses. Turner, (Coventry) would not let him make a cross 3 times. When Turner couldn't stop Quaresma without committing a foul, Hull would double up on Quaresma.

Quaresma played comfortably, more than at Inter. I look forward to seeing Quaresma switch sides and finally scoring a trivela goal. On the other hand, I hope he gains confidence at Chelsea so he can be his best at Inter again.

How do you think he's doing at Chelsea?

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