04 March 2009

Video report with highlights of Portugal 4-0 Belgium, March 25, 2007, Nuno Gomes, trivela by Quaresma, 2 goals by Cristiano Ronaldo

What a distant memory --- a victory of 4 goals at home.

Here's a summary of the Portugal 4-0 Belgium, March 3, 2007. This game was famous because of what Belgium goalkeeper Stijnen said right before this game 'we'll foul Cristiano Ronaldo so bad he won't survive past the 4th minute.' Stijnen ended up by conceding 4 goals!

If you missed the game, there's a few plays in the report like Quaresma missing 2 goal opportunities in the first half yet in the second half scoring his trademark trivela goal.

March 25, 2007- Video "Resumo da RTP do jogo Portugal - Bélgica, com vitória para a nossa Selecção, por 4-0. "

(RTP's summary of Portugal v. Belgium, victory for our national team by 4-0)

English translation:

Reporter: "47,000 voices sang the national anthem at the Alvalade stadium.

This Portugal v. Belgium game was naturally marked by the statements of Belgian goalkeeper Stijnen about Cristiano Ronaldo. Words that fans didn't forget. This night was also marked by the presence of Rui Costa and Figo in the stands."

00:18 Reporter: "Nuno Gomes was chosen as the striker. Joao moutni did the job of Deco. The young lion did the job of Deco. He set up the first goal opportunity and Ricardo Quaresma missed."

00:28 "The first half was not high quality stuff. The national team had created only 2 goal opportunities. This is the second one, a pass by Tiago but not accurately converted, once more, by Quaresma."

00:38 Before halftime, Cristiano Ronaldo was hugged by a Belgian central defender. However, the Greek referee Vassaris instead gave a yellow card to Cristiano Ronaldo for simulation."

00:49 "In the second half, the team improved. After the first 3 minutes, Tiago set up a goal opportunity for Nuno Gomes. However, Nuno Gomes shot wide after being signalled as off-side. In the play of 1-0, Cristiano Ronaldo, Moutinho, and Nuno Gomes achieved what was the hardest thing, score the first goal in Alvalade."

01:15 "The 2-0 happened when Quaresma crossed it to Cristiano Ronaldo and headed it into goal. Goalkeeper Stijnen doesn't look good here."

01:25 "In the 20th minute of the second half, the Portuguese defense was distracted and almost conceded a goal. Belgium didn't convert this chance and Portugal woudl score once more. Quaresma was inspired in this moment and scored a trivela goal. Quaresma's goal brought the game to 3-0. This moment of inspiration deserves to be seen and seen again in this night. Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the 4th goal."

02:30 goalkeeper Ricardo celebrating the team's victory.