04 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes taking daughter to meet the actors of "Floribella" soap opera, Sept 2006

Sept 18, 2006- Video "A filha do Nuno Gomes foi fazer uma visita à Flor!" (Nuno Gomes' daughter [Laura] visiting the set of 'Floribella')

Nuno Gomes doesn't speak in the beginning. My favorite part was Diogo, one of the show's actors, supporter of Benfica, bowing to Nuno Gomes.

Journalist: "On a free day, Nuno Gomes wanted to make a dream come true for his daughter, to meet Flor [actress Luciana Abreu, a supporter of FC Porto] from 'Floribella. To see how much Laura likes flor, one needs to just see her dress." [her dress says Floribella].

"Nuno Gomes and daughter then see a scene being filmed. Laura didn't spend much time in front of the monitors and preferred to meet the star of the show Flor in person."

00:42 Reporter Sofia Fernandes: "Laura, who are you going to meet today?" Laura: Flor. Journalist: "Are you nervous?" Laura: "No." Journalist: "Show us your Floribella dress, it's really nice. Do you think she'll like it?" Laura: "Yes."

01:29 Laura Gomes meeting Flor in person. Nuno Gomes taking pictures of them and Laura on the outdoor set with artificial trees. Reporter to Laura: "Is the tree real?" Laura: "no." reporter: "What did your dad tell you to wish here?" Laura: "That Benfica becomes the league champion."

02:50 Diogo Amaral, an actor from the show, a support of Benfica walks out and bows to Nuno Gomes. He takes a picture of him and Nuno Gomes with his cell-phone camera. Diogo: "This is a special day for a supporter of Benfica like me. I asked this great man [Nuno Gomes] to give me his autograph "

05:56 Reporter: "So what does Nuno Gomes take from this day?" Nuno Gomes: "Not Nuno Gomes, my daughter. She watches the soap opera every day and wanted to meet Flor and her friends. I had a chance to make this dream come true for her."

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