14 March 2009

Video Miguel Veloso and dad, interview for father's day on Maisfutebol, Feb 3, 2009

Video Miguel Veloso and dad, exclusive interview to Maisfutebol, Feb 3, 2009. This was for father's day so the questions are about Veloso and his relationship with his dad.

(António e Miguel Veloso em entrevista exclusiva ao Maisfutebol)

Miguel Veloso's dad was in the stands in the Portugal games in the 2007 UEFA Sub21 tournament in Holland. His dad was a player in Benfica. The interview talks about the beginning of Miguel Veloso in professional football.

The Sporting midfielder begun training with Benfica and as a forward!

English translation:
Narration: António made history with the Benfica jersey in the 80s and 90s.
00:24 Miguel Veloso bouncing the ball on his feet without letting the ball touch the ground. He's in casual clothes, green shirt, black pants.

00:34 Narration: "At 21 years old, he's the oldest kid, and gets the most attention in the Veloso household. When son Miguel was born in 1986, Antonio missed the world cup for being accused of testing positive. "

00:46 António Veloso: "At home, in the garden, I'd see him practice in front of the wall. One of those times, I told him to shoot with the left foot. Then he started getting used to shooting with the left foot. He started using the left foot from that time."

01:14 Miguel Veloso : "I remember when I started in Benfica, in the school, I was a forward. After a few years, I started playing a little more in the back and played as a defender. Sometimes as left-back or right-back, then as a center-back. In Sporting, I continued as a central defender and sometimes as a midfielder. When I'd play as a right-back, to be honest, it's not a position I loved.

01:56 reporter: "What position to do you love playing?"
Miguel Veloso : "I feel good in the midfield."

Narration: Miguel never wanted to play in the postiion that his dad did. However, he finds answers in his dad when things don't go well in football.

02:06 Miguel Veloso : "It happened many times--- when things don't go too well. But when things go well, there are also aspects to improve. I appreciate that.

Sure, having a dad that had this profession, he knows what it's like. He helps me a lot. My dad, he always was and will be my idol. If it wouldn't be for him and the many games he played, I probably wouldn't have decided to play football."

02:44 Narration: His dad's experience helped son Miguel that it's possible to win many titles this season.

02:51 Miguel Veloso : "We are playing in a few competitions this season. We know that for the league, it will be hard. We're looking at second place. We have to fight until the end. We also have the final of the taca da liga. We want to win it. We also have the final of the taca de portugal and the final of the UEFA Cup.

03:10 "It's normal for people to criticize, and for fans to boo sometimes. For sure, they applaud and will support us."

03:20 narration: Being present in the EURO this summer is another objective.

António Veloso: "One has to believe until shown the contrary."

Miguel Veloso : "It's an objective I hope to achieve. I'll do everything to achieve it."

narration: Maisfutebol.pt brought together Miguel Veloso and his dad for father's day. The gifts aren't important.

03:46 António Veloso: A gift as a dad, in this case is respect and see your son happy.

Miguel Veloso : "A gift you can give everyday. I think his pride in me, I want to do everything so he always is proud of me."

04:31 narration: Miguel Veloso was the center of attention in Footstar, the football school of António Veloso.

04:54 the reporter asks the kids in the school: "Who is António Veloso?" the kids say "He's Miguel Veloso's dad."

António Veloso: "I enjoy being around these kids. It also reminds me when Miguel was their age."

Miguel Veloso : "I remember when I was their age, it would make us happy when we'd see one of our idols. Now the papers--- vice-versa."

Reporter: "What does António Veloso mean?"

Miguel Veloso : "What does it mean? It means he's a good friend, good counselor. Dad yes, I know. I think I said everything about that. I think he's a great dad."

Reporter: "Who is Miguel Veloso?"
05:45 Miguel Veloso : "Miguel Veloso is a simple person, a human being like everyone else. Profession: footballer."

Thought it was interesting that he played all the positions. And that he admits he doesn't like to play as a central defender. Last season Paulo Bento made him play a game in the defense and even the narrators said that Bento has to let Veloso loose, free to be in the midfield.

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