14 March 2009

Nuno Gomes on the bench, on at 59th minute, replaced Cardozo in Benfica 0-1 V. Guimaraes, March 14, 2009

Nuno Gomes was on the bench in today's Benfica game at home. Benfica 0-1 V. Guimaraes, March 14, 2009. Quique, the Benfica coach preferred putting forward Cardozo in the starting lineup. The fans booed Cardozo because he missed passes and was uninspired.

Quique got the point, replaced him with Nuno Gomes in the 59th minute. The game was still Benfica 0-0 V. Guimaraes. 6 minutes later V. Guimaraes score a precious goal. After 4 minutes of injury time, Benfica lose and couldn't manage to score!

For the first time this season Benfica lose at home. They had reached 2nd place in the table!

If Sporting (41 points, 3rd place) win their home game Sporting v. Rio Ave in a few hours, Sporting will be second in the table. It will no longer be Benfica (43 points). Nuno Gomes couldn't score a goal to at least tie the game.

Why renew with Benfica if he won't play under Quique? Nuno Gomes needs to leave and face challenges abroad and play in the Champions League or UEFA Cup.

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