05 September 2008

Video Where's Scolari? Portugal national team at hotel, when Scolari couldn't be on the bench in the Azerbajian euro 2008 qualifying game

This is a fun video. Scolari had been disqualified for 3 games after the famous 'punch/ no contact' with the opponent.

After the Azerbajian game (Portugal vs Azerbaijan, October 2007) where Scolari couldn't be on the bench, the reporter went to the team hotel and asked each player "Where is Scolari?"

Video- Each player helping themselves to a catered dinner, wearing the burgundy polo shirts answers 'Não Sei (I don't know)'

00:00- Hugo Almeida, Paolo Ferreira, Simao

00:13- Deco, Nuno Gomes, Cristiano Ronaldo

00:19- Joao Moutinho at the buffet table

00:35- Ricardo Quaresma at the table, sitting next to Miguel Veloso and Hugo Almeida, the reporter asks him in Portuguese "From the soccer field, you didn't see him?" Quaresma answers "I didn't I didn't"

00:39- Ricardo Carvalho at the table with a glass of water, says "he was on the bench."

00:45- goalkeeper Quim

00:50- Nani

00:53- Cristiano Ronaldo

00:56- Fernando Meira

01:03- Deco

01:35- Scolari's there to say he saw the game...

02:10- Deco in Portuguese "We started the game well, but what was importnat was that, that we achieved a victory."

02:17- Cristiano Ronaldo in Portuguese "The objective was achieved, to win. We're all happy."

02:26- Quaresma says in Portuguese "Nani wants to speak in English" so the interviewer walks over to Nani and asks in English "how was the game" and Nani answers in English "I think the team played very well. It's impossible to speak now because the team is in dinner, maybe after the dinner I speak with you."

03:14- Scolari again

04:26- Nuno Gomes in Portuguese, "Not being able to play, being injured, is harder because I wanted to be in the soccer field with my teammates/ colleagues."

-Which player did you like seeing in the video?

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