21 August 2008

Portugal 5-0 Faroe Islands- Post game reaction by Deco and Quim

Big victory for Portugal yesterday. The first game with Queiroz as coach. One difference with Scolari was putting Nuno Gomes and Paolo Ferreira on the bench. Unthinkable under Scolari during the Euro 2008 qualifyers. 4-3-3. The best player was Nani (according to the live radio broadcast on Antena 1 and on O Jogo). My favorite player Paolo Ferreira stayed on the bench. I went on O Jogo and Record to see what they thought of the player performances. I only found the play-by play and post-game reactions by Deco and gk Quim.


Q: Yeah, I know when he entered the game, thanks. What is interesting is how he played.. Did the Portugese newspapers write anything about him?

----Sec (Dynamo Moscow fan

A: Hi Sec, Thanks for coming back!

I went online on Record, and O Jogo (who unfortunately still don't have English Versions) and only found the post-match reaction by 2 players Quim and Deco, and the play by play of the game. Would have liked to find player ratings. Here's what I found:

Danny Played the last 35 minutes. 55' Dani in, Deco out

O jogo: 58' The first time he touches the ball, Danny shoots and hits the bar, Nani had passed him the ball.


Chelsea FC players, Bosingwa, Carvalho, Ferreira, Deco

Bosingwa Played the first 34 minutes. Replaced: 34' Bosingwa out, Miguel in

Carvalho, Played the first 55 minutes. Replaced: 55' Bruno Alves in, Ricardo Carvalho out

Ferreira, No minutes- in his position as right-back 1st Bosingwa, then Miguel.

Deco - Played the first 55 minutes. 55' Dani in, Deco out

Manchester United players: Nani (CR7 not called up)

Nani - Played all 90 minutes. According to the radio and O Jogo, the best player of the team

O Jogo: One can say that the opponent was weak, but there is not doubt that the player of Manchester, wherever Queiroz told him to play, had a notable performance. With fantastic passes and dribbling, and a serie of masterpieces, sealed the game result with a golden key: 2 assists for Duda and Bruno Alves, respectively scoring each, and scoring the last goal.

86' [3-0] Duda scores for the first time in the national team, a header to the far post, cross by Nani.

89' [4-0] Bruno Alves scores against Torgaro (gk), after the corner kick by Nani.

90' [5-0] Nani runs, witha strong shot, the deserved reward after a good combination with Miguel.

Benfica: Quim, Carlos Martins, Nuno Gomes

Quim- In goal for the first time. Ricardo was not in the call-up list.

Carlos Martins - Played the first 55 minutes. Replaced: 55' Manuel Fernandes in, Carlos Martins out

Nuno Gomes - Off the starting lineup!

Real Madrid: Pepe Played all 90 minutes

Lecce: Antunes Played all 90 minutes

FC Porto: Raul Meireles, Bruno Alves

Raul Meireles- Played the first 78 minutes. Replaced: 78' Meira in, Raul Meireles out

Bruno Alves- Played the first 55 minutes. 55' Bruno Alves in, Ricardo Carvalho out

Werder Bremen: Hugo Almeida Played all 90 minutes. On the radio they were saying he missed too many chances.

O jogo: 19th minute- Hugo Almeida, headed it to the far post, misses incredibly, after an excellent initiative by Nani on the right side. 40th minute- Heads it and goes over the bar. 40th minute- a through ball by Deco, Almedia shoots with the left-foot but doesn't beat Mikkelsen (gk)

Atletico Madrid: Simão Sabrosa Played the first 70 minutes. 70' Duda in, Simao out

Galtasaray: Fernando Meira Played in the last 11 minutes. 78' Meira in, Raul Meireles out

Valencia: Manuel Fernandes, Miguel-

Miguel- 34' Miguel in, Bosingwa out.

Manuel Fernandes, Played the last 35 minutes. 55' Manuel Fernandes in, Carlos Martins out

Duda Played the last 20 minutes. 70' Duda in, Simao out

Post-match reaction: August 20, 2008

Deco after Portugal 5-0 Faroe Islands:

"It was good, this was a game in a complicated phase, because it was in the

beginning of the season. We played well and didn't concede any dangerous

situation from the opponent."
About the difference between Scolari e Queiroz:

“There aren't many differences between Scolari and Queiroz. They are two great

coaches. Besides, the players that form the base are the almost the

same. We tried to do what Queiroz asked us to do. I don't have much to say

about him, only that he is a great coach. His curriculum talks for

him. He's going to do a fantastic job in the national team."
About Paim, a Chelsea reinforcement:

“He's young, and has a lot of future. It will be good for him to keep growing.

We'll help him in every way we can."

About pepe: “It was something in the knee but nothing special. It was more pain in the moment.”

Quim, Portuguese goalkeeper (Ricardo was not in the call-up list!!!) after Portugal 5-0 Faroe Islands:

About being in goal for the first time:

“I felt good, who wouldn't? It's one of the highest points in my career. The fact that in the last 3 years I played gave me the confidence and today I achieved one of my objectives: represented the national team. I will give my best to be in thuis fantastic group."
About being the captain (When Simao was replaced):

“It's very good to play and even better to be captain. It's a very big honor."

About the new team: “We have new methods of work and until now everything is going fine."

Portugal 5-0 Faroe Islands Lineups, Video 5 goals, national anthem 23' Carlos Martins 48' Simao 86' Duda 89' B. Alves 91' Nani -friendly, Aug 20, 2008

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