31 March 2009

Video goalkeeper Eduardo, Maniche, Nuno Gomes, goalkeeper Quim, arriving in Obidos Oct 7, 2008 for 2 qualification matches

Players arriving in Obidos Oct 7, 2008 for 2 qualification matches.
00:23 Hugo Almeida
00:28 Fernando Meira
00:36 Antunes chatting with goalkeeper Eduardo.

00:52 Players getting off the team bus getting their carry-on luggage, walking in the hotel. Maniche

Screenshot. Goalkeeper Quim. Paulo Ferreira.
00:57 Goalkeeper Quim and Nuno Gomes.

00:59 Bruno Alves getting luggage from a car. Bosingwa getting off the car putting on a jacket.

01:27 Before getting in the hotel, Bosingwa, Nuno Gomes, Joao Mountinho talked to reporters outside the bus.

01:48 Bosingwa: "We're confident we' will get a victory." Reporter: "How does Bosingwa feel?" Bosingwa: "I'm fine. I'm ready to help."

02:10 Nuno Gomes: "There's always a chance to lose points. There's also a chance that our opponents lose. It would be a result. We are going to prepare this week to give a good performance this Saturday against Sweden. We want the 3 points if possible. If not, a draw wouldn't be a bad result. "

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