21 August 2008

'Of course the call-up was a surprise,' says Danny

One of the surprises in the Portugal call-up list for yesterday's friendly Portugal 5-0 Faroe Islands was Danny. Danny, 25 years old, plays for Dynamo Moscow since 2005, forward of the Portugal national team, selecção portuguesa de futebol .

He was born in Venezuela to Portuguese parents.

He said on Agência Lusa:

"Of course the call-up was a surprise, but I was fighting for it. I worked a lot for that objective. I think it was very important, the career I'm having at Dynamo"

"I'm very happy and will show that it's worth trusting in me. I'll give all my strength."

"Dínamo expected to receive 30 million euros for my transfer, but Zenit wouldn't go over 25. We are at the top of the table, we can be champions. That's why I'm doing fine."

About being one of the few Portuguese players in Russia,"I had an opportunity and I took it. I fought so people can trust in me. Cícero (other Portugeuse player in Dynamo) also adapted well. But I don't know, don't know why I came..."

About the future:

"Like any player, of course I dream higher. Dynamo Moscow will play in the Champions League and I'll do my best. But, right now, I want to be champion with Dynamo. I believe it because we have good players. Everything at its time."

MP3 Audioclip, 49 seconds: Danny saying in Portuguese it's a big honor to represent the country in a team with great players.

- Your thoughts on Danny?
I think he's lucky Cristiano Ronaldo was not fit yet. I think he took his place.

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