31 March 2009

Video Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Hugo Almeida and team on a morning walk at lake in Lausanne before Portugal 2-0 South Africa.

The morning of Portugal 2-0 South Africa, the Portugal team players went for a walk near a lake in Lausanne. They're wearing black parkas. A few fans ran to Cristiano Ronaldo to take a picture.

00:11 Nani, Hugo Almeida,

00:21 Pepe at the press conference: "I think that what's missing is to score the first goal. We also have the opportunity to score more goals. We have to conitinue this journey, working and believing."

Edinho taking a picture for a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and the fan.

00:55 Carlos Queiroz: "What we have to do in this moment is to not lose the energy. What we have to do is to prepare well."

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