24 August 2008

Photos of Joao Moutinho in Sporting's 1st win in 1st game of season, Sporting 3-1 Trofense (Tonel 4' Izmailov 24' Yannick 28' Pinheiro 60' gp

Joao Moutinho on an excellent start with Sporting. A win for their first game of the season. Sporting played on Saturday. Now the big 2 Benfica and FC Porto play today Sunday, knowing Sporting temporarily is in 1st place on the table.

Sporting 3-1 Trofense

August 23, 2008

Lisbon, Portugal, August 23, 2008- "Alvalade aos pés do 28" (Fans at Alvalade at the feet of #28)- Joao Moutinho giving the Supertaça to Sporting president Soares Franco in the soccer pitch before the game, Alvalade gave him an ovation.

August 23, 2008- Joao Moutinho in Sporting 3-1 Trofense. Photo: record.pt

Portugal midfielder. His summer of 2008 was filled with transfer talks, Everton, him publicly saying he wanted to leave. All is forgiven and forgotten. Back with Sporting. So much talk and all for him to stay at Sporting. I would have liked him to move to a club abroad.

- Your thoughts on Joao Moutinho in this game? For Sporting 2008-2009?

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