24 August 2008

Mourinho will play his first trophy, cover of Record, August 24, 2008

Today's the Italian Supercup, Inter v. AS Roma. 8:30 am USA Pacific Time. I plan to follow it online since it's not on TV.

Wanted to see if Jose Mourinho had a bit more space on this Portuguese sports paper.

Since Sporting won the first game of the season, they get most headlines. Of course, Benfica player, Argentina's Angel Di Maria with his gold medal in men's soccer.

Record, August 24, 2008
Right column, in the middle
'Supertaca de Italia
Mourinho disputa 1o trofeo'
Inter - Roma 19.45

(Supercup of Italy,
Mourinho's next game is for his first trophy
Inter - AS Roma)

- Your thoughts on this cover? Mourinho playing for his 1st trophy at Inter?

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