06 June 2009

Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea) on June 4, 2009, about the Portugal team, Video, transcript of interview to Maisfutebol

What a day! I just came by to post the interview of Paulo Ferreira for his fans around the world. Part of it was quoted on Setanta. I went on Maisfutebol and came across 3 pages of his interview in Portuguese and video! Wow! Couldn't keep it to myself!

What's more it was an extended interview because he was asked about FC Porto, Scolari's era with the Portugal team, staying at Chelsea, the current Portugal team. What a wealth of information and surely a rare point of view since there are so few interviews of him every month.

This interview is about the Portugal team.

Paulo Ferreira sobre a Selecção: «Temos condições para vencer» (we have the conditions to win)"
June 4, 2009 by Magda Magalhães Maisfutebol.iol.pt link

Paulo Ferreira tends to be in the call-up list of the national team coaches. However, an injury on the left knee from March has ruled him out. The right-back won't be able to play in the Portugal team against Albania, but he emphasizes that he's a "supporter" and will cheer for a Portuguese victory.

In an interview to Maisfutebol/TVI, the defender was confident of a qualification despite it being a difficult game against Albania. Paulo Ferreira doesn't believe in the possibility of Portugal not qualifying for the world cup.

The Portugal team plays at the stadium Qemal Stafa on June 6, 2009. Remember that under Carlos Queiroz, the Portugal team drew against Albania (0-0) in October 2008.

How are you going to support from the outside?

Paulo Ferreira: "It's always complicated to see the game from the outside. I'm supporting the team to get a good result and I hope it happens. I want to wish them all the luck in the world. I will be supporting them from this side."

You played against Albania in the home game here in October 2008. Now the Portugal team will face the team in a difficult stadium and with a new coach. How is Portugal supposed to play? Is this a decisive game?

Paulo Ferreira: "All the games are complicated. I think this one will be too. There was a change of coach and there will be players who will want to prove themselves to him. I don't know how the pitch will be, but if it's not good it won't benefit our style of play. The most improtant thing is to get a victory. That's the only thing that matters. I think we have the conditions to achieve that objective."

Is this the first of the 5 finals?

Paulo Ferreira: "We need to think a game at a time. Right now there's a difficult game against Albania and need to concentrate on that one. We only want a good result there. After we've gone through this obstacle, we'll think of the next one."

If Portugal misses this game against Albania, what will happen?

Paulo Ferreira: "I don't know, I don't even want to think about that. I want to think that we'll win against Albania and then think of the next game. If that happens we have to keep working, thinking of one game at a time, and to finish in the best possible way. I think that's what we'll try to do."

Do you think Portugal will be in the 2010 world cup?

Paulo Ferreira: "I think so (Acredito que sim). We have a good group and quality players. I'm cheering for us to be in the world cup (Fico a torcer para que possamos estar no Mundial).

And what about Paulo Ferreira? [in the world cup]

Paulo Ferreira: "The most important thing is for Portugal to win. Me being in the world cup is up to the coach. The most important thing is for the Portugal team to be there."

Despite being a right-back, you've played more than once as a left-back. If necessary, are you willing to play as a left-back again?

Paulo Ferreira: "Yes, no doubt about it (Sim, sem dúvida). I play in the position where the coach thinks I can help the team the most. If it's as a left-back well then I'll do it, even though it's not my position."

How did you see the praises that Carlos Queiroz gave you, about your availability [able to play in different positions]?

Paulo Ferreira: "I'm satisfied. It's a matter of pride to play in the national team no matter what position I'll have to play in. It's important to give one's all. Just being part of the team makes me proud (Só o facto de estar na selecção já é um motivo de orgulho). I think all players think this."

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