06 June 2009

Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea) June 4, 2009 interview about not having the opportunities he wanted under Scolari at Chelsea

No denying that Jose Bosingwa was superb in the beginning of the season as a right-back. Paulo Ferreira missed important Champions League games and didn't play much this season~ AGAIN. He talked about his time at Chelsea when Scolari was coach.

Ferreira talked about many issues in an interview he gave to Maisfutebol/TVI, Portuguese media.

English translation of
Paulo Ferreira não teve as oportunidades «que queria» com Scolari
June 4, 2009 by Magda Magalhães, Maisfutebol link

Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea) interview about not having the opportunities he wanted under Scolari at Chelsea

The Chelsea defender says that Hiddink "brought a new spirit to the team."

With the arrival of Scolari, Paulo Ferreira thought that he'd have more opportunities to play. The arrival of Bosingwa complicated Ferreira's possibility of being in the starting 11. Nonetheless since Ferreira knew Scolari from the national team he remained optimistic.

The Brazilian left in February and Hiddink arrived. The defender played more but in march he injured his left-knee. The season ended early for the international player that talks about the season in an interview to ao Maisfutebol/TVI.

So how do you sumamrize this season?

Paulo Ferreira: "Regarding Chelsea, it wasn't a good year for me seeing that I didn't play a lot and then got injured. As for the Poprtugal national team, I had more playing opportunities there. I think that in the end, I was happier in the national team than in the club (Penso que, no fundo, fui mais feliz na selecção do que no clube)."

The injury ended up conditioning your whole season...

Paulo Ferreira: "Yes, I was in a transition; new coach and more playing opportunities. Logically, the injury conditioned my season."

When you say that you were happier in the national team than in Chelsea, that can have to do with the change of coaches too?

Paulo Ferreira: "Scolari came, a coach that we all know and knew me well. Nonetheless I didn't have the opportunities that I wanted. I never discussed the coach's decision and think I never well. I respected the decision to the maximum. Of course, I was a little sad because I wanted to play more and that didn't happen (Claro que fiquei um pouco triste porque queria jogar mais e isso não aconteceu)."

Did you expect Scolari to remain for such a short while?

Paulo Ferreira: "No, I didn't expect it. I was even surprised (Até fiquei surpreendido). We weren't doing that bad (Nem estávamos assim tão mal). The club decided to put a period to the contract. Really, it took us by surprise. They are decisions that the club directors do and that one has to respect."

One can tell that with Hiddink's arrival, the team got a new spirit. Chelsea almost made it to the final of the Champions League and became contenders to the title. Did the players feel/ notice it too?

Paulo Ferreira: «It was the second phase of the championship going into a decisive phase. We needed to be near the top to fight fr the title. HIddink brought a new team spirit. Players that weren't playing wanted to prove themselves to him. Sometimes, change can be beneficial as it was in this case. From then on, the team started to play well. HIddink ended up doing a good job."

At the end of 2007, Chelsea had conditions to be champions even without Mourinho. The truth is that 2 seasons have passed and that objective has not been achieved. Was Mourinho a key to success?

Paulo Ferreira: "We did feel his exit but we also felt a stronger ManUnited in these last 3 years. They managed their squad well and bought good players. We couldn't... We were going along... We got to crucial moments where normally we wouldn't fail, but we did. We have to congratulate ManUnited because it's the right champion in these last 3 years. Next season, we hope to be back stronger to try to conquer the title."

So what are the objectives for next season?

Paulo Ferreira: "The same as always: try to win the majority of the titles and play regularly."

Your thoughts?

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