06 June 2009

Paulo Ferreira staying at Chelsea, interview to Maisfutebol 6-4-2009

Ferreira keeps insisting he's staying at Chelsea until the end ohis contract, 2013. How is a fan going to get patience to see him sitting on the bench, sometimes frowning, in important games?

Ferreira told Maisfutebol in Portuguese, English translation of interview:

Paulo Ferreira tem contrato até 2013: «É para cumprir»
Lateral não pensa em sair do Chelsea e espera para ver no que vai dar a contratação de Ancelotti.
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Title: Paulo Ferreira has a contract until 2013: "It's to fulfill."
The right-back doesn't think he'll leave Chelsea and is hoping to see what will Ancelotti's arrival brings.

Paulo Ferreira arrived at Chelsea in 2004 after 2 successful years at FC Porto. The defender accompanied Mourinho and Ricardo Carvalho. The first season in London went well until he got injured with the national team. He wasn't used as much as he would have wanted in the following seasons. Nonetheless he extended his contract with the "blues."

The Portuguese international doesn't deny the possibility of returning to Portugal, but like he said in an interview to Maisfutebol/TVI, he doesn't think a lot about that. For now, he's thinking of his future that's still at Stamford Bridge.

You have a contract until 2013, will you fulfill it?

Paulo Ferreira:
"I hope to continue and fulfill my contract with Chelsea. I feel good, I was well-received and the family is happy here. Later, I don't see any reasons for change either. But, one never knows what will happen. If I have to leave sooner to another championship, we'll see in due time. Nonetheless, what I hope is to continue being here until the end of my contract."

At that time you'll be 34 years old, yo udon't think you'll end your career in Portugal?

Paulo Ferreira:
"I don't know, we'll see later (Não sei, logo se verá). I'll have to see how I am physically (Terei de ver como estarei em termos físicos). We'll see how I feel. If I'm in condition to finish in another country or in Portugal then I think I can. In this moment, I only think of Chelsea (De momento só penso no Chelsea)."

Ancelotti is at Chelsea, an offensive team with a defensive coach. What will come out of this?

Paulo Ferreira:
"I have no idea (Não faço ideia). He's a coach with lots of experience but he's going to be in a different championship (É um treinador com muita experiência, mas vai estar num campeonato completamente diferente). I don't know... First we'll have to get to know him and then get what his idea are.

But what was the feeling in the dressing room with this news [Ancelotti]?

Paulo Ferreira:
"We didn't get to talk about it becase we didn't know for sure, who the coach would be (Não chegámos a falar sobre isso porque não sabíamos, ao certo, quem seria o treinador). At that time, there were still many hypotheses."

Chelsea is becoming a Portuguese team... Deco, Bosingwa and Quaresma have they adapted?

Paulo Ferreira:
"For those who just arrived it was easier because there were others already here (Para quem chegou agora foi mais fácil, até porque já estavam lá outros). Me, Ricardo Carvalho and Hilário. When we arrived it was a little harder because we didn't know anyone (Quando nós chegámos foi um pouco mais difícil, porque não conhecíamos ninguém). They found familiar people. We tried to make them feel comfortable. Not just the Portuguese players, when I arrived I got support from the players already there. It made it easier to integrate the group."

When Deco arrived you left your number and gave him number 20. Was it a welcome gift?

Paulo Ferreira:
"No, We know each other a long time aready and we have good relations. When he was in Barcelona he had opened an institute in Brazil-Deco 20- that's why when he arrived he asked me if we can exchange numbers. It was easier for him to maintain the same number (Seria mais fácil para ele manter o mesmo número). Of course I agreed immediately (Claro que concordei de imediato)."

5 titles in England. The summary is positive despite the injuries?

Paulo Ferreira:
"Yes. It could have been better, but I think winning 5 titles in 5 years is not bad. I'm extremely satisfied (Estou extremamente satisfeito). I think that there will be more titles ahead (Penso que ainda virão mais títulos).

Your thoughts?

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