20 March 2009

Video Tiago commercial for MagicFil in Portuguese and French, 2006

2006- Video commercial for MagicFil telecom,

in Portuguese "Everything's fine here (tudo bem por aqui). And over there? Ok, we'll talk later then. Kisses, kisses (beijinhos), Bye."

00:11 in French: "Me, I like to be able to to get news from my family. That is why I call Portugal unlimited." (Moi, j'aime pouvoir avoir des nouvelles de ma famille. Pour cela, j'appelle au Portugal inillimite').

With "MagicFil" call Portugal unlimited
His writing: "Like me, call without limit with Magic Fil telecom"
My favorite part was hearing Tiago speak in Portuguese in the beginning. In 2006, MagicFil partnered with Tiago to use his image in its communications. MagicFil telecom specializes in providing servies for the Portuguese community in France and Switzerland.

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