20 March 2009

Video Tiago interview in Italian Mar 12, 2009- after Juventus eliminated from Champions League after Chelsea game

Video Tiago interview in Italian Mar 12, 2009- after Juventus was eliminated from Champions League after Chelsea game

Tiago: "I think tomorrow we'll be fine. We have to think of the championship. We have to think of Bologna and we have to win. After the first victory we would be THE Juventus again."

00:22 What does this Champions League leave you? Juventus played with their chin up in both the first leg and the second leg. Also, you confirmed yourself as an important player of this new Juventus.

00:39 Tiago: "We did a good group stage performance. We were very good in the group. We had the unfortunate luck to face Chelsea. In these last 2 games, something was missing and a little luck if I may say so. But, it's clear that Chelsea, in this moment has something more than us."

reporter: Chelsea but not just them, the Italian teams were all eliminated by Premiership teams. You know the Premiership well, how much difference is there still between Italian football and English football.

01:10: Tiago "I think not much difference. They, in this moment, have even foreign coaches that gives them more,-- how to say this. Tactically, they're better than before. Champions League games, for them it's something different. Here in Italy, ther'es too much pressure. In England, they play to have fun. They're able to go through and be stronger."

01:57 Reporter: You also know Mourinho very well. HE was eliminated by Manchester United. How will he live this situation. For us in the championship, will it be an advantage that his mind is no longer focused in the Champions League?

Tiago: "I think it will be ana davntage. We wanted to go through this stage too. They will be a little disappointed too. Mourinho wanted to get further in te Champions League, even the final. They also have to get over it [elimination]."

02:49 reporter: Let's come to you now. Your growth comapred to last year. You're another player. To take you out of the team is now harder. What changed in your mind or legs?

02:52 Tiago: "I changed my way of thinking. The first year, it was really a disaster (disastro), personally, football-wise, everything. This year, I'm fine. I made myself available to the group, the coach. I'm working and giving my best."

--I prefer the look in the soccer field with the headband. The images behind him in the interview.

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