20 March 2009

Video Tiago interview in Italian Mar 19, 2009 before Roma- Juventus

Video Tiago interview in Italian Mar 19, 2009. This saturday Juventus plays against Roma.

Reporter: Even though Roma won't have some players available for the game this weekend, it is imperative for Juventus to win?

Tiago: "Yes, we have to continue winning to catch up to Inter. We have a gap of -7. We have to win our games. Then, we have to wait for Inter to lose."

00:33 Reporter: Can this Inter still hope to win the scudetto?

Tiago: "We have to believe so. We are a big team. We are in the second place and we want to win the scudetto. We kjnow it wil be hard. We want to play on Saturday and win at Roma."

0:50 reporter: With 10 days left, obviously all your attention is on the scudetto. Have you already left behind the terrible week?

Tiago: "Of Course (per forza), life goes on. In this moment there is the championship and that's what we think about."

When will a Juventus player tell you that they don't think they can win the scudetto. That question was --- unrealistic to ask.

I think Tiago will play in the starting lineup. I hope he doesn't miss many passes and is involved in the Juventus goals.

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