11 March 2009

Video Rui Costa and Vitor Baia interview in suit, Nov 24, 2008

Video Rui Costa interview in suit, Nov 24, 2008 from the program 'So' Visto.'

He's one of the 3 ambassadors in the video, Vitor Baia and Sa Pinto. These three were chosen because they represent the 3 big teams in the Portuguese league: Vitor Baia - FC Porto gk, Sa Pinto - Sporting, and Rui Costa- Benfica.

(Embaixadores PT para o desporto escolar)

English translation:
Journalist: "Even great people return to school. Vitor Baia Sa Pinto and Rui Costa as ambassadors of school sports."

00:15 Journalist to Rui Costa: "Hello Mr. Ambassador, another title now for you?"
Rui Costa: "That's true, this title is very important."

00:29 Journalist to goalkeeper Vitor Baia: "How are you going to face this new challenge?"
Vitor Baia: "With lots of responsibility. I think it's an honor to be associated with this project."

00:40: Journalist to Rui Costa: "What do you need to do as an ambassador?
Rui Costa: "Each of us will visit hundreds of schools this year. We need to show our experience in sports."

01:04 Vitor Baia: "Help them find the ideal path for their growth."
01:40 Vitor Baia: "As players of the Portugal national team, we have an extraordinary group and share a great friendship."

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