24 March 2009

Video reporter wearing goalkeeper Quim's gloves! June 5, 2008

Video 2 days before the start of Euro 2008, June 5, 2008. Quim was still healthy.

00:25 The reporter Nuno Pereira is wearing the white gloves of goalkeeper Quim. It says QUIM and has the Portugal flag on both gloves.

The reporter talks about the goalkeepers.

He says that
-- Quim let him borrow the gloves because he'll use them in the Euro 2008.
-- Rui Patricio has the same gloves and that the only thing that changes is the name.
-- each goalkeeper has 4 pairs of gloves.

01:03- The last Portugal training before their game against Turkey. The reporters were looking for Deco in the pitch.

02:17 goalkeeper Ricardo responds to the 'polemica,' in goal or not like this: "
02:24 screen caption: Ricardo: I have other things to think about beyond being in the starting lineup.

02:34 There is a birthday in the Portugal team on June 5th. Fernando Meira saying that the best gift is to beat Turkey.

02:57 goalkeeper Ricardo practicing headers in the training session. goalkeeper Quim looking at him.

03:08 goalkeeper Ricardo in the press conference: "yes, Nihat said that we have things to settle in the Euro. Let's hope that those things go in favor of the Portugal team this time."

04:40 Nihat from the Turkey national team in the press conference, speaking in Spanish with Portugeuse subtitles.
I could tell that the reporter was happy to be wearing the gloves. He wouldn't stop looking at them!

Screenshots of the video:

Caption: Ricardo: I have other things to worry about than being in the starting lineup.

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