24 March 2009

Video Portugal training, Raul Meireles, Hugo Almeida interview March 24, 2009 in Obidos

Video Portugal training March 24, 2009 in Obidos

00:15 Nani shoots, goalkeeper defends it. Unclear which goalkeeper one it was.

00:22 Raul Meireles bouncing the ball on his knees.
00:30 Raul Meireles interview outside the training ground- "There were good Portugal games before where we didn't get the three points. Now we have to think more of the 3 points than in the performance."

00:40 Hugo Almeida: "It's not a decisive game but for us, we have to win it. We are playing at home. In this time, playing away is not easy so we hope it's like that for Sweden."
Glad to see Raul Meireles speak. Deco didn't partipate in today's trainig session. Meireles might be in the starting lineup.

Screenshots of the video:

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