16 October 2008

Video Paolo Ferreira, Nani, Joao Moutinho, Bruno Alves want victory versus Albania Video Interview in Portuguese with English translation-Oct 13, 2008

We know the result against Albania, Portugal 0-0 Albania. Here's a video of the Portugal players speaking two days before the game, footage of training. They said they believe in a victory. Screenshot of Paolo Ferreira:

Video Interview in Portuguese with English translation-Oct 13, 2008 of Paolo Ferreira, Nani, Joao Moutinho, Bruno Alves during the Portugal training session.

English translation:
00:00 Paolo Ferreira- 'We need to be present in the world cup. At home, logically we want to win our games. Unfortunately it didn't happen against Denmark. We hope that on Wednesday we leave with 3 points.'

00:20 Eduardo (2nd choice goalkeeper)'Pressure always exist. We know that in the next game we have to win because it's important for our objectives.'

00:29 Bruno Alves 'In football nothing is for sure. I believe that with the quality of this team, we have many possibilities to win this game.'

00:39 Nani 'We are playing at home with our home support. We want to win, play a good game. I think we have everything to play a good game and win.'

00:54- Joao Moutinho 'All the games at home, we have to win them. We want to do just that.'

00:59- Bruno Alves 'I saw the way they play. They're a attacking team. We are warned and know what they'll do. They're quick on the counter-attack.

01:19- Nani 'All the teams that play against us, they know that in their first mistake, we can score against them. We need to be very calm'

01:40- Joao Moutinho 'We know that we have to defend well. Not just defend but create spaces to get goal opportunities'

01:42- Paolo Ferreira- 'I hope that on Wednesday we see the stadium full, people supporting us. That's what we want the most.'

01:50- Nani, 'We need to be united, play good football, and goals will occur naturally.'

What did you like about the video? training, players?

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