04 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes interview, talking after left-ankle surgery in June 23 2003

Back in June 23 2003, Nuno Gomes had surgery in his left ankle. Here's the report and Nuno Gomes talking about recovering and not playing for the next 2 months.

June 23 2003- Video "Nuno Gomes só volta a jogar em Setembro" (Nuno Gomes will play again only until September.)

English translation:

00:00 News anchor woman: "Nuno Gomes is going to return to training this September. The Benfica player is recovering in Lisboa from surgery in his left ankle."

Footage of Nuno Gomes walking with crutches and his left ankle bandaged.

Reporter: "The vacation turned out to be different than what he expected. Here's how he will have to spend his vacation days for at least the next 2 months: every morning will have to forget about the beach and have to go to treatment in the spa."

00:24 Nuno Gomes: "I can't train in the ground the whole week. I need to do movements, part of the tratment and hope that the pain I have now goes away. That way, I can start training soon. During this time I also need to keep moving my right leg."

Footage of Nuno Gomes laying down and having his left ankle monitored and photographers taking pictures of a convalescent Nuno Gomes.

01:00 He'll return to training not before September 2003. He's forbidden to join Benfica for the pre-season training.

01:06 Nuno Gomes about missing the pre-season training (2003-2004): "Unfortunately, I can't do it this year. I also know that the most important thing for me and the whole team is to get back to be 100%. I hope to get back to work as soon as possible."

Screenshots of Nuno Gomes in the video:

Left ankle

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