17 March 2009

Photo: wallpaper of Antunes from the Lecce site

I miss watching Antunes play and make he crosses from the left-side. So far the Lecce site doesn't have any team video news to at least see him in the training sessions.

I did find a wallpaper of Antunes on the site.

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I can't believe that he's not good enough to play at Lecce, at least in the last month. He is a good defender.

He plays like Bosingwa but on the left side. They tend to prefer to do runs on the side than stay back and defend. Another of his specialty is a free kick outside the area on the left-side.

He's on loan from AS Roma. I don't want him to go back to Roma because then it's guaranteed he won't play every week. I hope Di Canio sees Antunes' potential in the training sessions. The Lecce coach replaced Berretta less than 2 weeks ago. I hope Antunes can show Di Canio that he is good and that Esposito deserves to be on the bench for the sake of turnover.

I'll make sure to check the Lecce starting lineup for Lecce-Atalanta this Sunday, March 22, 2009. If he's not even on the bench once more, I'll see another soccer game.

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