16 March 2009

Deco ruled out for the next 2 Portugal games, cover of Record, O Jogo March 16, 2009

Don't know why the covers of Record and O Jogo give little space to news othe Portugal national team. It's not fair for fans abroad. The big titles always go to Benfica, FC Porto or Sporting.

For example, Deco was injured and might be out until the end of the season. You need a magnifying glass to find it on the cover of today's papers. See if you can spot "Deco".

English translation:

Top left: Famous fans blame Quique. [Benfica lost their home game last weekend, losing the 2nd place in the table to Sporting.]

Top right: Selecçao, Deco will miss Sweden

Main headline: 2-0 FC Porto - Naval. Mariano involved in both goals that increased the gap to 4 points

The final of the Taça da liga [league cup known as Carlsberg cup] is on March 24, 2009. Sporting v. Benfica.

Main headline: The leader is now at a 5 point gap, and leaves Benfica to think only of the Taça da liga. RED ALERT

Bottom right: Deco injured himself "I hope to help the national team."

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