16 March 2009

Maniche dropped from the call-up list for Atletico 3-2 Villareal, March 15, 2009- Some fans think he's too temperamental

I went to find out about Maniche in Marca. The coach Abel Resino dropped him from the call-up list for 'decision tecnica' technical decision, meaning he's fit but made space for other players.

On the comments in the article in Spanish "Abel deja a Maniche fuera de la convocatoria del Atlético ante el Villarreal" from March 14, 2009, most readers:

--- don't think Maniche needs to stay for the next season and that the club can't renew his contract.
--- Some even applaud Abel for already putting aside Maniche and designing the squad for the next season.

--- think Abel is not fit to be a coach of a big club like Atletico


Some comments from the article:

==Guess what? I thought well about Maniche but... my surprise, I didn't even miss him today against Villareal haha. We could have scored 15 goals. How come it didn't go like that against Porto, we'll never know. ( Maniche, pero.... cual a sido mi sorpresa q hoy contra el Villareal, no le eche de menos, jejejeje. Juer, podriamos haber metido almenos 15 goles, menudo baño le dimos al Villareal. ¿por q contra el oporto no se corria asi? nunca lo sabremos. ¡AUPA ALETI!)

==Abel leaves the best midfielder of Atleti (or motor) out of the call-up list against Villareal.
==About Maniche I sort of understand it.

== Come on Abel, continue like this! Wanderers, not living a regular life out of Atleti: Seitaridis, Maniche, Pernia, Luis Garcia... don't ever sit in the bench of the Vicente Calderón. (ANIMO ABEL, SIGUE ASI!!! Vagos, maleantes y gente de malvivir fuera del Atleti: SEITARIDIS, MANICHE, PERNIA, LUIS GARCIA... que no se vuelvan a sentarse en el banquillo del Vicente Calderón.)

==Abel [coach] making friends since he's arrived. He already had problems with Maxi, then wil Kun, then Forland, and now with Maniche. Like this we won't go anywhere. It's the players who work in the games. The worst thing that can happen to Atletico is to cause division in the dressing room. Even thought the thing about Maniche, well, it's nothing new, a little of justification can be on Abel's side.

Maniche is temperamental and was with the previous coach Aguirre. Among the many things he had said at that time was that he already won everything, even the Champions League so Atletico needed him more than he Atletico. That didn't sit well with the fans and Atletico loaned him out to Inter in the SErie A. Maniche was on the bench and only played in the last month and managed to score 1 goal. He came back to Atletico, made peace with former coach Aguirre and began playing more often.

The new coach who replaced Aguirre in January 2009 doesn't consider Maniche worthy of the starting 11 and had put him as a substitute in 3 games in a row. That includes Porto 0-0 Atletico.

If he doesn't play every week he'll speak to the press about it. Fortunately he didn't speak out when he was on the bench at Inter. I suspect that Maniche didn't like being a sub in the last games and the coach wants to tell him, who's boss.

For the next Portugal game, the midfielder competition is getting crowded. Raul Meireles (FC Porto), Danny (Zenith), Joao Moutinho (Sporting), Tiago (Juventus). Deco is ruled out for the next 2 portugal games because of injury.

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