06 March 2009

Carlos Queiroz wants the 3 points in Portugal v. Sweden and become world champion, interview March 5, 2009

Queiroz said all the right things in yesterday's interview in the show "Pontapé de Saída" on RTP N.

He defended his idea of renovation. Making the case that the team needs a base team. Other national teams also go through that.

Why he left Manchester United:
"When I left Manchester United, it was with the dream and ambition of becoming a world champion. If not, I wouldn't have left. It's as simple as that. Only having this dream and ambition we can see what we need to do to get there."

About facing Sweden on March 28, 2009: "It's a game with only one convenient result for our aspirations, the three points."

About the fans, the game will be at the Dragão, FC Porto's home stadium: "I'm certain that the fans, especially the ones in Porto, will support us. We weill get a brilliant victory to keep Portugal's ambitions intact to qualify for the world cup."

Hear the audio Queiroz's interview in Portuguese.

Screenshots of Carlos Queiroz in the show:

I hope Portugal does win by at least 2 goals. Not one and not by penalty. It is not too much to ask ok.

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