18 December 2008

Video Cristiano Ronaldo in Japan, plays, his goal in Osaka 3 x 5 Manchester United Dec 18, 2008

December 18, 2008- Video Cristiano Ronaldo in Japan, some plays in Osaka 3 x 5 Man U - in Portuguese from Redação SporTV (Brazil)

"Comentaristas avaliam as 'presepadas' de Cristiano Ronaldo"

00:21 Play 1-
Cristiano Ronaldo, a play, on the right side, trying to go to the middle ("He has lots of possibilities to shoot, he does shoot well, on target, but took a little longer so the Gk had time to prepare").

00:29 Play 2-
Cristiano Ronaldo again on the right side ("He dribbles past 2 players, shoots, but it had too much power and went wide")

00:44 Play 3-
("Once again on the right side. It's hard for a winger to cover CR.")

00:57 Play 4-
The header in the corner kick leading to his goal.
("The header. One of his many strengths. He's not mainly a player that specializes in air-plays but mainly a player who's dangerous on the flanks. He does know how to run on the sides, score with headers, he also knows how to help the team.")

01:28 "Presepadas" tricks
"See that, that's what is called 'Presepadas' (tricks). It wasn't worth anything. The defender got the ball from him, now CR is running after the ball. But how can he stop doing that? It's stronger than him!"

02:00 Free kick (Bola parada)

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