09 October 2008

What is Queiroz thinking? In starting 11, Hugo Almeida, no Nuno Gomes in Thursday morning training (Photos), Your starting lineup?

Who will be in the Portugal starting lineup this Saturday in Sweden v. Portugal? The equipa das "quinas," in Portuguese.

The obvious answer is to not put players who haven't played with their clubs in the last 3 weeks. What does Queiroz do? Put Hugo Almeida as a forward in this morning's training session.

October 9, 2008- Carlos Queiroz in Portugal's training session. Photo: EPA

In Werder Bremen, Thomas Schaaf doesn't even use him as a substitute in the last 3 games. In the important game 3 weeks ago, Bayern Munich 2-5 Werder Bremen Almeida stayed on the bench. If the coach doesn't put you in a game with the top 3 clubs, then you must not be such a game-changer.

According to Portuguese media, RTP, in Thursday's (October 9, 2008) training session's 15 minutes open to the media, in Ovidos:

Midfielder João Moutinho instead of Nuno Gomes. In Wednesday's training session, Queiroz placed Nuno Gomes in Hugo Almeida's place

In Wednesday's training session, October 8, 2008, the back-four defense line was Bosingwa, Pepe, Bruno Alves, Paolo Ferreira. FC Porto's Bruno Alves looks like the replacement of Ricardo Carvalho.

I wonder if Fernando Meira, the other central defender will play as a second half substitution.

Portugal midfielders Carlos Martins and Deco in training session. Photo: LUSA

Without injured Maniche and Deco, the midfielders were FC Porto's Raul Meireles, Fernando Meira and Moutinho,

In the attack:
Danny, Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Thursday, the "Selecção Portuguesa" will leave at 16h00, 4 pm to Sweden for the game at Estádio Rasunda, in Solna.

Monica 08's thoughts on Portugal's starting lineup
In goal, there's no doubt it will be Quim. Like they say in Portuguese, sem dúvida nehuma. The famous Ricardo is not in Queiroz' plans. Real Betis coach Chaparro has not put goalkeeper Ricardo in goal for the last 6 games in La Liga!

Defenders. Miguel is in better shape than Paolo Ferreira. Miguel has been in the starting lineup for Valencia since the pre-season games. It would make more sense for Queiroz to put Miguel in the starting 11 and probably Paolo Ferreira as a substitution.

Pepe and Bruno Alves. Replacing central defender Ricardo Carvalho in the Portugal national team is a big task. According to the Wednesday's and Thursday's training session Bruno Alves will take Carvalho's place. Will Galatasaray's Fernando Meira play?

Why won't Antunes play as a left back?

I'm for Nani in the starting 11 but it's really a tough decision for Queiroz to make. Two wingers, one has to be Cristiano Ronaldo, the other has to be either Nani or Ricardo Quaresma. The lone forward choices are Nuno Gomes and Hugo Almeida.

I prefer Nuno Gomes than Hugo Almeida right now. Almeida played 90 minutes in the friendly Portugal 5-0 Faroe Islands and could not score once.

Nuno Gomes is scoring for Benfica this season and playing in the games. You can't say that about Hugo Almeida at Werder Bremen. The forward in the starting lineup at Werder Bremen is Peruvian Claudio Pizarro, deservedly so. Almeida is the Thomas Schaaf's third option after Sanogo.

Obidos, Portugal, October 8, 2008- Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo. AFP PHOTO/ FRANCISCO LEONG

Your thoughts on the starting lineup? Who will be an important player? Your favorite player in the team?

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