03 October 2008

Video Post-game interview of Nuno Gomes after Benfica 2-0 Napoli UEFA Cup game- Oct. 3, 2008

Oct. 3, 2008- Video- Nuno Gomes post-game interview in Portuguese.

I was so happy he scored for Benfica!

English translation:

"I think that we did a good game. We achieved what we wanted. In the first leg, we couldn't score the goal we wanted. We wanted to score a goal in the first minutes. We played well eventhough Napoli scared one or two times. In the second half, we interpreted the game better than them. We continued to pressure them. We scored the first goal. From there things were easier. There was more space so our team could play better."

How did you think Benfica played against Napoli? Fan of Nuno Gomes?

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