19 August 2008

No pre-defined places in the national team, Queiroz explained why goalkeeper Ricardo is out of the call-up list for Portugal - Faroe Islands

Portugal - Faroe Islands

August 20, 2008
Aveiro, Portugal

Queiroz explained in Portuguese why goalkeeper Ricardo is out of the Portugal call-up list in the press conference on August 19, 2008.

"The merit of the player. I have certain criteria. For instance, attitude, form, if I think they can play soccer and help the national team. Based on that criteria, I choose the player. One thing is for sure, the national team is not a house or a showplace with
pre-defined places."

See videoclip from RTP news of Queiroz press conference. Closed training session. 2nd minute: fans disappointed and yelling to get in.
Hear the 39 second mp3 audio

What a strong message by Queiroz. In other words he's saying 'I'm not giving away places here, you earn your place every time I pick you for the team' I wonder what Scolari thinks of Ricardo not even being in the call-up list. I wish Quim the best luck tomorrow. He doesn't really need it because the opponent is Faroe Islands, with all respect to them.

----Your thoughts on what Queiroz said and goalkeeper Ricardo out for Portugal's next game?

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