13 August 2009

Goalkeeper Ricardo- without a club. Video- Betis coach Tapia says the club cannot have 3 goalkeepers in the second division- August 12, 2009

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The Betis coach Tapia answered a question in the training ground about Ricardo's absence in the training camp in "La Malaga."

00:55 Question: "One of the first decisions the club took was to drop Ricardo from the team training in La Malaga. Did you have any influence in that decision?"

Tapia said in Spanish: "That decision was basically taken by the club. Like that of Mark [Gonzalez], and Ricardo Oliveira. One understands that the club now in the second division cannot have 3 goalkeepers."

It's clear that Betis wants nothing to do with Ricardo despite his contract. The Betis coach had told Ricardo tat he's out of his plans. The coach then drops him from the Trofeo Colombino team list. Had no choice but to put Ricardo in goal for 45 minutes because Casto was injured. Now, the coach also left Ricardo in Sevilla dropping him from the team list going to training in "La Malaga."

If the message of "move" is not clear to Ricardo.... Now I hope he signs with a Serie A club.

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