01 April 2009

Selecção Nacional Portugal B 2-0 Romania B, April 1, 2009 lineups, Video goals Eliseu and Yannick

I really hope Manuel Da Costa and João Pereira do a great performance in this game. Benfica goalkeeper Moreira is the captain. Eliseu just scored for Portugal!! I bet Malaga fans are happy.

Worldticketshop55th minute! My 2 favorite players in this game Manuel Da Costa and João Pereira - the reason I was following this game are replaced at the same time! oh NO!!!

Each team replaced its goalkeeper. Rui Patricio replaced Moreira in the 84th minute.

Portugal scored another goal in the 87th mintue! Sporting's Yannick!!! Came off the bench and 3 minutes later scores!!!!! Game over! Portugal wins 2-0.

(Selecção Nacional) Portugal B 2 - 0 Romania B
26' Eliseu, 87' Yannick
April 1, 2009, 19h30, Rio Maior, Portugal

37' Jose Gonçalves out, Andre Marques in ----- 46' Curtean out, Iordache in
55' Da Costa out, Sereno in ------------------------- 46' Varga out, Balan in
55' Pereira out, Moreno in ---------------------------- 61' Prepelita out, Pacurar in
66' Diogo Valente out, Bischoff in------------------ 68' Tatarusanu out, Vatca in
66' Micael out, Yannick Djalo in---------------------- 66' Stancu out, Dina in
84' gk Moreira out, Rui Patricio in-------------------- 77' Dananae out, Luchin in
84' Iatovlevici out, Voicu in

Portugal B
Moreira (cap), João Pereira, Manuel Da Costa, Nuno André Coelho, Jose Gonçalves, Pelé, Ruben Amorim, Ruben Micael, Eliseu, Varela and Diogo Valente

Substitutes: Rui Patrício, Andre Marques, Amaury Bischoff, Moreno, Yannick, Sereno.

Romania B:
Tatarusanu, Dananae, Latovlevici, Abrudan, Moti, Curtean, Prepelita, Herea, Lazar, Stancu, Varga

Substitutes: Vatca, Voicu, Luchin, Iordache, Pacurar, Dina, Balan

Portugal Sub21 played "4-4-3",

Eliseu ---- Varela ---- Diogo Valente
Pelé ---- Ruben Micael ---- Ruben Amorim
João Pereira ---- Manuel da Costa ---- Nuno André Coelho ---- José Gonçalves

Video Eliseu goal in Portugal B 2-0 Romania B, 4'
Diogo Valente takes a free kick on the right side, Eliseu in the area heads it to the back of the net.

Video Yannick's goal in Portugal B 2-0 Romania B! I liked this one more than Eliseu's.
Yannick receives a long ball from the Portugal midfield. He crosses the midfield and 3 Romanian players can't stop him. yannick is by himself in front of the goal, shoots with his right foot from outside the area to the top corner of the net.

7' Diogo Valente takes a corner kick on the right side. Pele shoots side
9' Pelé again shoots wide after a corner kick.

14' Romania- Lazar passes it to Stancu, but he shoots too strong and gets to Benfica goalkeeper Moreira

17' Romania- Curtean passes it to Stancu, he shoots wide

19' Romania- a defense by goalkeeper Moreira. Prepelia passes it to Stancu, but Moreira leaves the net and defends it with his feet.

21 Portugal- Da Costa defense. Cross by Prepelita to Lazar but Da Costa gets to the ball first and clears it.

26' Portugal goal by Eliseu. Free kick taken by Diogo Valente. Eliseu heads it to the back of the net.

29' Eliseu passes it to Varela but the Romanian goalkeeper gets there first.

35' Romania- Prepelita shoots from outside the area, Moreira makes a save.

35' Portugal- Eliseu shoots from the right side but over the bar.

36' Portugal- Jose Gonçalves is struggling physically and will need to be replaced.

36' Romania- Lazar makes a cross from the right side, Stancu shoots on goal but Moreira makes a defense with his feet.

37' Portugal substitution Jose Gonçalves out, Andre Marques in

39' Romania- Prepelita takes a free kick but it goes to the stands.

40' Manuel Da Costa gets a yellow card

45' Portugal- Ruben Micael passes it to Eliseu. Eliseu shoots strong and gk Tataranu makes a defense and the ball goes near the post.

50' Long ball from João Pereira to Eliseu. Eliseu heads it weakly and Romania gk makes a defense.

67' Pele shoots but Romanian gk makes a defense

73' Benfica's Amorim shoots from outside the area but Romanian gk vatca makes a defense

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