01 April 2009

Video Edinho, Deco and Raul Meireles post-game interview- Portugal 2-0 South Africa, March 31, 2009

Portugal 2-0 South Africa, March 31, 2009. This was a great victory. After the game, the players said they needed this victory to give them confidence as a team. This was a friendly. Winning a qualification match-- that should give them confidence.World Cup 2010 Qualification Tickets

Video Post-game reaction of Edinho, Deco and Raul Meireles to Portugal 2-0 South Africa, March 31, 2009 (Reacção jogadores)

00:21 Carlos Queiroz about the Portugal 2-0 South Africa game: "The team was more animated and confident. We're in better conditions to work. We did a good game and won the 3 points."

00:33 Edinho (AEK) (forward called up for the first time): "Yes, I made my dream come true. Nonetheless, I met the players that are humble. I found a strong and united group. I'm satisfied to join them."

Not in the video:
The second goal on the record is an own-goal South Africa's Twala. Yet, Edinho says he scored it: "That goal is mine. I was involved in that pass with the central defender, but I was the last one to touch the ball. The victory is important to give confidence to the team."
(O golo é meu. Dividi o lance com o central, mas fui o último a tocar na bola. A vitória foi importante para dar confiança à equipa.)

00:50 Deco: "Its was a good game., good to win this game. It was important to win to gain confidence. After the game against Sweden we couldn't give up."
É sempre importante ganhar. Teoricamente, o jogo não era tão difícil, mas o resultado dá-nos mais confiança para os próximos jogos", resumiu Pepe.

01:15 Raul Meireles: "I think we have the strength of the group. This vicotry proves this. After the game [Portugal 0-0 Sweden] we saw the video. It confirmed what we already knew. It was a good performance but what was missing is the goal."

01:15 Reporter Nuno Luz in the soccer pitch right after the game. Nani giving autographs. Reporter: "Portugal returned to the goal and victory path. On June 6th, Portugal will be back on a soccer pitch. This time it will be a qualification match in Albania. It will be a serious game."

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