23 March 2009

Video Portugal training session in Neuchatel, June 2, 2008

Video Video Portugal training in Neuchatel, June 2, 2008

01:00 Close-up of the Portugal players in pairs, stretching the hamstrings. They are wearing the oversized green shweatshirt, black shorts, green socks. On the left- Carvalho with red boots, and Deco.

01:21 Joao Moutinho with Raul Meireles

01:48 Players with the ball

01:50 Close-up Cristiano Ronaldo

02:28 Nuno Gomes passing the ball with Simao

02:40 Raul Meireles

02:58 Cristiano Ronaldo, 03:00 spinning on one side, turning 3 times

training footage until th 8th minute.
Players in a circle passing the ball
09:30 Jose Bosingwa practicing headers with Brassard. Bosingwa switching from left to right of Brassard who throws him the ball on his forehead.

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