31 March 2009

Video Portugal camp after defeat against Greece in Euro2004, "Geracao Scolari" part 3

This video has more footage of players in the dressing room than part 2. This video shows the players arriving at the Estadio Da Luz, (Benfica home stadium) and in the dressing room before kickoff of the next 2 games in the Euro2004.

00:25 Players in the team bus.
Pauleta sitting down, holding his cell-phone. Deco with earphones. Nuno Gomes about to sit down.

00:34 Rui Costa (#10) the last to get on the team bus.
He lost his starting 11 position after the first Portugal defeat in the Euro 2004.

00:54 Players in the dressing room of the Estadio Da Luz.
The red jerseys are hanging in their compartment. Cristiano Ronaldo on a bench. Maniche getting his jersey.

01:05 Pauleta cleaning his boots. Goalkeeper Ricardo on the massage table, teasing a teammate because he's getting his toe bandaged.

01:24 Scolari with lecture. Izmailov nows plays at Sporting in the Portuguese league.
Scolari: "Izmailov is a fast on the right side. On the left side.."

01:33 Ricardo Carvalho telling fellow central defender Jorge Andrade: "If he goes on the right-side, I mark him. If he goes on the left or middle, without a doubt, you mark him.

01:38 Two players putting on their shinguards.
01:39 Players with the jerseys. On the left, Paulo Ferreira with the green vest. Eusebio visiting them and telling them: "I'm with you, Força!" (Estou com vocês, come on!) and then leaving.

01:52 Scolari: "Don't forget you have 90 minutes. Be alert from the beginning. Don't forget a pass. The first play is important to get confidence."

02:05 Scolari and the team in a circle. goalkeeper Ricardo next to Scolari. Scolari says a few words and the say, "Allright, Figo you're turn." Figo says his motivational speech. Figo: "We know what we're playing for. Each one has to be calm and to do their best in the soccer pitch. Come on! (Vamos-la)"

02:34 Narrator: Portugal is winning by 1-0 but Scolari wants more.

Scolari's half-time speech!!
Scolari: "You're not getting the ball? Go in the middle and secure the ball. That left-back #4 went forward, but he already has a yellow card. There, he comes, commits a fould and is sent-off. We know how to play...." Some parts are edited.

Goalkeeper Ricardo is changing his shinguards.

03:17 Narrator: A game against Spain is do or die. Scolari feels the pressure. Players in a room. A guitarist is singing and the players are singing along.
Goalkeeper Ricardo sitting next to Helder Postiga. Goalkeeper Quim. Maniche, Paulo Ferreira.

Scolari gives a Portugal jersey with #12 to the guitarist.
04:09 Scolari class lecture to the team.

Players on the team bus going to the stadium.
05:13 Tiago looking out the window. Players in the dressing room getting massages. Cristiano Ronaldo running with tennis shoes in the bathroom- warm-up.

Portugal were able to beat Spain.
Dressing room. Eusebio visiting the players.

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